How To Remove Paint From Your Driveway In Las Vegas

Watch the video below to see how our equipment, personel and services that we offer with regard to removing paint from your driveway can help you with removing paint off of your driveway.

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Headaches From Hard Water Damage?

If you have pads of concrete that are close to a water source (i.e. sprinklers), then chances are your concrete is going to have some hard water damage on it. The stains vary in size, but the annoyance the property owners experience is all the same.

Some of our clients wonder how these stains even get there in the first place. Basically, there are minerals in our water supply that raise the PH and cause our water to be alkaline. It is those same minerals that cause the hard water stains on concrete.

So if you have concrete that is right up next to grass, when your irrigation system turns on there is going to be a water overspray that hits the concrete. When that water evaporates from the concrete surface, it is going to leave behind those (microscopic) hard minerals. Over time, the hard water stain is going to make itself visible because you have layer upon layer of minerals chemically bonded from the “wash, rinse, repeat” process of the sprinkler irrigation system (the sprinkler irrigation system turns on, the concrete gets wet from the overspray, the water evaporates, the minerals are left behind).

What you are left with is either a white-colored calcium deposit or a dark-colored hard water stain.

So what happens next?

You call, of course!

When you call us and tell us that you have water damage on your concrete, we are going to tell you that you need an acid wash. That is our multi-step process that gets water stains out of concrete.

That is what happened with these two customers. Here are their properties and the results they received!

Property #1


Oil stain:

On the left side of the picture below you can see a dark stain going down the side of the concrete. This is the type of stain that needs an acid wash:




Property #2

You can see the lawn on the left side of the driveway. This is how the driveway was getting a hard water stain.

Lots of tire marks:

Oil stain:

Not only did we take care of the hard water stains, but we also removed the tire marks AND the oil stain! Look at how amazing these results are!


We just want to add that none of these pictures that we post on our blog are altered, “photoshopped”, or treated in any way. These pictures are all the original pictures, so the results you are seeing are REAL!

So if you have hard water damage on your concrete, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll take care of all of your stains while you sit back and relax. ;)

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TTFN Tire Marks!

Tire marks on your driveway can be quite an eye sore! The black lines going up and down your driveway can make your property look dirty and ugly. Running  water over the marks from your garden hose is not enough pressure or the right cleaning method to remove those tire marks! If you need to get your property looking in tip-top condition, then you need to give the pro’s at a call!

Here are two examples of properties with tire marks all over their driveways. The results you are about to see are results that YOU can expect when you hire to clean your driveway.

Property #1:

Close-up of the tire marks:

Finished product (a few water marks can be seen because the driveway isn’t 100% dry yet):

I don’t see any tire marks. Do you?


Property #2:

LOTS of tire marks:



That driveway is so clean and bright, it hurts our eyes!

So now that you’ve seen our amazing work, go ahead and give us a call so we can schedule your driveway!  Don’t waste your time trying to clean your driveway yourself, or buying cheap equipment from local stores. You’ll just end up spending more money then if you would’ve called us in the first place.

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Oil Stain Removal in Rhodes Ranch

If you live in a large master planned community, chances are your HOA is pretty strict about the appearance and cleanliness of the outside of your property. If your driveway is dirty, either covered in tire marks, water damage, rust stains or the dreaded oil stains, then the chances of your HOA requesting you to get the stains removed are highly likely.

Most of the time, people get a letter from their HOA saying that they need to get their stains removed from their driveway, and the property owner has no idea who to call or where to start. Surely, it can be a very frustrating ordeal… if you don’t know about, that is!

We have perfected a system of removing oil stains from concrete. There is no other company in town, or in the United States for that matter, that knows how to remove oil from concrete. But if you live anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley, or in Henderson, Green Valley or North Las Vegas, then you are in luck! One call to and your problems are gone!

We have been getting quite a few calls from Rhodes Ranch lately. The homeowners in Rhodes Ranch are saying that the Rhodes Ranch HOA is requesting them to have all stains removed from their driveway and/or to have their driveway cleaned or else they are going to start getting fined. No need to fear, is here! :)

Here is one of the latest jobs we performed:

Stains all over the driveway:

Big stain:


And here is the sparkling clean driveway after we got through with it!


Not only does their driveway look brand new, but their HOA was extremely pleased with the results which means no more letters and no more fines for this property owner! Another satisfied customer? Check!

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HOA On Your Back?

Is your HOA sending you letters about your driveway? Are you racking up fines because you don’t know how to get this problem rectified? Well, if so then your search is over because you’ve found the right company!

Not only does offer full driveway steamcleaning services, but we also offer oil stain REMOVAL!

Other stains that we can treat and fade away:


*Tire marks

*Water damage


*Transmission fluids

*Power fluid

*Coolant fluid

And not only do we remove your oil stains for you and clean your driveway, getting it in tip-top condition, but we can also forward you the before and after pictures of your driveway so you can provide your HOA with the documentation that you need to prove that you have handled the situation accordingly! Customer service is something we value highly here at


Here is a property whose owner was receiving letters from his HOA about his driveway:

His driveway was dirty and he needed it cleaned ASAP because his HOA was going to start fining him any day. Luckily, we were able to get him on the schedule right away so he didn’t have to pay any fines to his HOA.

This is what his driveway looked like during the cleaning process. The whole driveway was steamcleaned and power washed, and all stains and marks were treated:



And this is the finished result!


(Any marks that you see are just areas that are still wet.)


The property owner was happy, the HOA was happy and most of all, the HOA stopped sending the property owner those annoying HOA letters!

So if your HOA is on your back, you need to give us a call so we can handle this for you ASAP! Don’t waste any more time, or rack up any more fines. is happy to help, and remember, we GUARANTEE oil stain removal!

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Agonizing Over Asphalt Oil Stains?

So, we know you’ve seen us remove oil stains out of concrete, but what if you have stains in the asphalt right at the front of your house? Are you wondering if asphalt is different than concrete, thus making it a surface that we can’t remove oil stains out of? Well, if that is what you are wondering then let me reassure you… CAN remove oil stains from asphalt!

On the job below, we got called to this property for two reasons: The first one was for the tire marks on the driveway; The second reason was for the oil stains in the asphalt at the end of their driveway. See the pictures below:

A little bit of oil stains on the concrete:

Tire marks:

See those oil stains in the ashpalt? Say “Sayonara!” because they are outta here!

In true fashion, we got all of the stains out in no time at all! I mean, look at this property owner chillin’ at the top of his driveway while we remove all of the dirt, grime and oil from his driveway! All he’s missing is a chair and a beer!

Remember those oil stains embedded into the asphalt? They are NOWHERE to be found!

So if you’d like to kick back and chill while we remove all of the stains from your driveway, then you need to give a call. That’s pretty much your only option!


Because we are the ONLY COMPANY out there that offers complete and total oil stain removal GUARANTEED!

Yes, you read that right. GUARANTEED.

So that means you hire us to do all of the hard work while you rest assured that you hired the right company to get you the results that you need. Other companies can only clean your driveway. They can’t REMOVE your oil stains. The problem with getting your driveway cleaned while you have an oil stain is that the concrete around your oil stain will get brighter, thus making your oil stain stand out more! And that oil stain will still be there, of course. What help is that when you called to get your oil stain removed, not to get your driveway cleaned?

So, please don’t waste your hard earned money on a company that is only going to clean your driveway! Call the right company the first time and save yourself time, money and multiple headaches.

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BIG Driveway + BIG Oil Stains= BIG Results!

No matter the size of your oil stain (big or small), guarantee’s to remove your oil stain! But, of course, the bigger the stain, the bigger the results! And that certainly rings true on this driveway below. This driveway was dirty!

There were tire marks…

And there were oil stains…

It was a MESS! But it was nothing a little “Oil Stain Annihilation Package” from couldn’t fix!


I’m sorry, is it just me or is that driveway sparkling?!

No, it’s definitely not me. That driveway is SPOTLESS!!



These results should blow your mind! I mean, seriously, this driveway went from black to white in a few hours!

If your driveway needs some steamcleaning, or if you need to get some oil stains removed stat, then it is definitely in your best interest to give a call. Right now! There isn’t a job we can’t handle!

Whether it’s tire marks, oil stains, paint stains, water damage, etc., is the BEST concrete cleaning company in the Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Northwest Las Vegas, Southwest Las Vegas, Green Valley and Boulder City areas!

Call us today and you will certainly be glad that you did! And don’t forget, GUARANTEE’S oil stain removal! What other company out there does that? We’ll save you a google search… NOBODY out there offers what we do!

Thanks for checking out our blog and we look forward to hearing from you!


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Oil Stains Overload!

This driveway was completely covered in oil stains from top to bottom! If you were the owner of this property, I think it’s safe to say that you would be in a total panic!

But, not to fear, is here!


Presto change-o! Oil stains are gone-zo!

It’s a good thing these property owner’s were smart enough to call! Their worries were diminished within a few hours, and at the affordable price of the Oil Stain Annihilation package, they even had some money leftover to take themselves out to a victory dinner!

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Oil Stain Removal in Henderson, Nevada

For all of you out there in Henderson wondering if only services the Las Vegas Valley, you can wonder no more! absolutely DOES service Henderson, Nevada as well!

This oil stain is a pretty basic oil stain to us here at, but to a homeowner that has NO IDEA how to get oil out of concrete? This stain is a big deal.

Here it is, in all of it’s glory:

And here it is after we worked our magic:

Another statisfied customer… Check!


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MAJOR Oil Damage!

What you are about to see is one of the worst oil stains we have ever seen on a driveway! This stain was huge! But even this job wasn’t too big for!

Here is what the driveway looked like before:

Now, you are about to view evidence of the miracle that took place at this owner’s property. How clean does this driveway look?

The owner’s of this property were extremely satisfied with these results!

You can be a happy customer too! Call us today at (702) 949-2982 to schedule your oil stain removal or click the link below: