A Random Testimonial

It’s always super cool when you come across that one unsolicited testimonial made by a random client that says something cool about your product or service… We just had one of those experiences as we found a cool review of our business service for driveway cleaning and oil stain removal services in Las Vegas Nevada. Below you’ll find a picture of that testimonial. You can click on the picture and it will take you straight to yelp so you can verify the cool testimonial about our las vegas driveway cleaning and oil stain removal service.

One Response to “A Random Testimonial”

  1. Malk says:

    my old truck drips oil too. here’s what i do. put kitty litter down over the spot then in old shoes stand on it and do a twist with my feet all over the pile. it gidnrs the litter into the stain and makes it a smaller dust that gets in the cracks. let it sit a day then sweep. next i get some “castrol super clean” ,it is a cleaner/degreaser sold at auto parts and hardware stores, mix it 50/50 with hot water and brush it on the spot with a stiff broom. rinse and redo if needed. the spot might remain, but it won’t be wet oil and will fade quite a bit in time. another thing, you can get a pan to catch drips or get a scrap of plywood and put it where you park to do the same thing. believe me when you scrub with the castrol you will know it is pulling the oil up as the suds look like a boiling gravy. also, you can soak that up with more litter, let it dry then sweep.that keeps the oil out of the ground water and you lawn.

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