Agonizing Over Asphalt Oil Stains?

So, we know you’ve seen us remove oil stains out of concrete, but what if you have stains in the asphalt right at the front of your house? Are you wondering if asphalt is different than concrete, thus making it a surface that we can’t remove oil stains out of? Well, if that is what you are wondering then let me reassure you… CAN remove oil stains from asphalt!

On the job below, we got called to this property for two reasons: The first one was for the tire marks on the driveway; The second reason was for the oil stains in the asphalt at the end of their driveway. See the pictures below:

A little bit of oil stains on the concrete:

Tire marks:

See those oil stains in the ashpalt? Say “Sayonara!” because they are outta here!

In true fashion, we got all of the stains out in no time at all! I mean, look at this property owner chillin’ at the top of his driveway while we remove all of the dirt, grime and oil from his driveway! All he’s missing is a chair and a beer!

Remember those oil stains embedded into the asphalt? They are NOWHERE to be found!

So if you’d like to kick back and chill while we remove all of the stains from your driveway, then you need to give a call. That’s pretty much your only option!


Because we are the ONLY COMPANY out there that offers complete and total oil stain removal GUARANTEED!

Yes, you read that right. GUARANTEED.

So that means you hire us to do all of the hard work while you rest assured that you hired the right company to get you the results that you need. Other companies can only clean your driveway. They can’t REMOVE your oil stains. The problem with getting your driveway cleaned while you have an oil stain is that the concrete around your oil stain will get brighter, thus making your oil stain stand out more! And that oil stain will still be there, of course. What help is that when you called to get your oil stain removed, not to get your driveway cleaned?

So, please don’t waste your hard earned money on a company that is only going to clean your driveway! Call the right company the first time and save yourself time, money and multiple headaches.

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