Headaches From Hard Water Damage?

If you have pads of concrete that are close to a water source (i.e. sprinklers), then chances are your concrete is going to have some hard water damage on it. The stains vary in size, but the annoyance the property owners experience is all the same.

Some of our clients wonder how these stains even get there in the first place. Basically, there are minerals in our water supply that raise the PH and cause our water to be alkaline. It is those same minerals that cause the hard water stains on concrete.

So if you have concrete that is right up next to grass, when your irrigation system turns on there is going to be a water overspray that hits the concrete. When that water evaporates from the concrete surface, it is going to leave behind those (microscopic) hard minerals. Over time, the hard water stain is going to make itself visible because you have layer upon layer of minerals chemically bonded from the “wash, rinse, repeat” process of the sprinkler irrigation system (the sprinkler irrigation system turns on, the concrete gets wet from the overspray, the water evaporates, the minerals are left behind).

What you are left with is either a white-colored calcium deposit or a dark-colored hard water stain.

So what happens next?

You call DrivewaySteamcleaning.com, of course!

When you call us and tell us that you have water damage on your concrete, we are going to tell you that you need an acid wash. That is our multi-step process that gets water stains out of concrete.

That is what happened with these two customers. Here are their properties and the results they received!

Property #1


Oil stain:

On the left side of the picture below you can see a dark stain going down the side of the concrete. This is the type of stain that needs an acid wash:




Property #2

You can see the lawn on the left side of the driveway. This is how the driveway was getting a hard water stain.

Lots of tire marks:

Oil stain:

Not only did we take care of the hard water stains, but we also removed the tire marks AND the oil stain! Look at how amazing these results are!


We just want to add that none of these pictures that we post on our blog are altered, “photoshopped”, or treated in any way. These pictures are all the original pictures, so the results you are seeing are REAL!

So if you have hard water damage on your concrete, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll take care of all of your stains while you sit back and relax. ;)

Call DrivewaySteamcleaning.com TODAY so we can get your property looking absolutely perfect!



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