HOA On Your Back?

Is your HOA sending you letters about your driveway? Are you racking up fines because you don’t know how to get this problem rectified? Well, if so then your search is over because you’ve found the right company!

Not only does DrivewaySteamcleaning.com offer full driveway steamcleaning services, but we also offer oil stain REMOVAL!

Other stains that we can treat and fade away:


*Tire marks

*Water damage


*Transmission fluids

*Power fluid

*Coolant fluid

And not only do we remove your oil stains for you and clean your driveway, getting it in tip-top condition, but we can also forward you the before and after pictures of your driveway so you can provide your HOA with the documentation that you need to prove that you have handled the situation accordingly! Customer service is something we value highly here at DrivewaySteamcleaning.com.


Here is a property whose owner was receiving letters from his HOA about his driveway:

His driveway was dirty and he needed it cleaned ASAP because his HOA was going to start fining him any day. Luckily, we were able to get him on the schedule right away so he didn’t have to pay any fines to his HOA.

This is what his driveway looked like during the cleaning process. The whole driveway was steamcleaned and power washed, and all stains and marks were treated:



And this is the finished result!


(Any marks that you see are just areas that are still wet.)


The property owner was happy, the HOA was happy and most of all, the HOA stopped sending the property owner those annoying HOA letters!

So if your HOA is on your back, you need to give us a call so we can handle this for you ASAP! Don’t waste any more time, or rack up any more fines. DrivewaySteamcleaning.com is happy to help, and remember, we GUARANTEE oil stain removal!

Contact us today to get your driveway scheduled!



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