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Oil Stain Annihilation Package

If you have oil stains on your driveway then you need this package.

Watch the video to the right to make sure you don't end up paying twice to get your driveway oil stains removed!

don't pay twice to get your driveway oil stain removed


Our Oil Stain Annihilation package includes:

  • Application of our liquid concrete brightening agent.
  • Driveway steamcleaning service.
  • Set up of our equipment.
  • Running the surface spinner over top of your driveway.
  •  Rinsing all of the loosened debris down to the curb gutter.
  •  Picking up of all large debris and hauling it away for you.
  • Blow drying the concrete.
  • Application of our dry product on up to three pads of your concrete surface area to remove oil stains.
  • Using a propietary and formulaic approach to completely removing your oil stains.

"pads" defined:

 A pad of your concrete consists of a section of concrete that is surrounded on all four sides by expansion joints. (these are the lines that are in your concrete driveway)

What this package will provide for you:

  • Removal of dirt and debris that is stuck to the concrete surface.
  • Removal of gum.
  • Removal of tire marks.
  • Make the natural "gray" color of your concrete appear a lot brighter and cleaner.
  • Provide a "clean feel" when entering your home.
  • Removal of oil stains entirely from up to one "pad" of concrete.

For a standard two or three car driveway your investment starts at $375.00 and can go up from there depending on the severity of the oil stains on your driveway.

Before you call in, have the following web page pulled up in front of you so you can help us to identify your driveway with one on the oil stain sizing chart so we can narrow down a quote for you over the phone.

You can view the oil stain sizing chart here

You can view the pictures below to get an idea of what a standard two and three car driveway look like.

driveway cleaning prices below

Two Car Driveway:


Three Car Driveway:


Your oil stain removal services start at $375 and can go up in price depending on the severity of your oil stain situation.


 Don't Pay Twice To Get Your Driveway Oil Stains Removed!

 Watch the video below that explains all...

If you're ready to get your driveway oil stains removed, you can purchase the "Oil Stain Annihilation" package now by clicking the button below. Your payment processing is 100% secure through Paypals payment processing system!